Disher’s Breadth of Solutions chart illustrates our product development process including Discovery, Engineering & Design and Manufacturing Tech Services. It highlights how we are always focused on the desired Outcomes to measure success including acceleration, excellence and results. The process is supported by Talent Attraction and Solutions For Business to help equip our partners with the best people, processes, tools and training they need to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.

Breadth of Solutions_Short_16SEPT2014-01

Our Discovery team enables our clients to determine the possibility of a product including its desirability, feasibility and viability.

Our Engineering and Design team can take any complex product problem and determine how to engineer it for quality production.

Our Manufacturing Tech Services team ensures that all of the operations and quality systems are properly prepared to effectively make and move the product into the market.

Our Talent Attraction team is a professional matchmaker that connects worthy candidates with meaningful work, either in permanent, part-time or partnering arrangements.

Our Solutions for Business team coaches organizations to build their own best practice processes to improve their planning, people, production and profitability.